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Here at the Shorty we pride ourselves on our community involvement. Over the years we have been a part of many community engagement projects and we continue to sponsor and encourage local sporting teams. These are the clubs we currently sponsor and wish the best of luck to their seasons.

Each week we hold our Friday Night raffle and Joker Draw that helps our sponsored teams with things like equipment, fees and registration costs. We are proud to be the name sponsor of the following clubs.


Shortland Rugby League Football Club

The Shorty Devils have a strong relationship with Shorty Hotel as we have been their major sponsor for over 40 years. The Boys have made the grand final for the past three years with a win to end their 2018 season. This year will be one to watch!

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Shortland United Junior Football Club

The Shorty Pandas have a strong history with the Shorty Hotel

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Wallsend Football Club

Our newest partnership is with the Wallsend Football Club and their 2019 season. Playing out of Cook Park Shortland this year, we look forward to an exciting season.

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